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Professional services

The Meninx professional services are designed to provide you the best results, 
based on your expectations, budget, and imperatives.
You will find on this page all the required information.

Semeion services: Benefit from proven experience and expertise.

Meninx´s professional services are directly connected to the three levels that Meninx provides: 
Modules, Solutions, and Meninx Programs.

Semeion Modules
Semeion Solutions
Semeion Programs
Activation services
Monitoring services
Optimization services
Innovation services

Activation services

Setup of the Semeion modules and solutions with regard to your expectations, requirements, and emergencies.
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Our pre-sales engineers accompany you in collaboration with our sales representatives to perfectly define the scope of your project, expectations, technical, and budgetary requirements. Their mission is to prepare your project and to communicate to Meninx´s technical teams all the data necessary for the successful completion of your project.


The purpose of the technical analysis of your project is to determine, with you, the technical details that will determine the success of the implementation of the Semeion solution within your organization. This analysis will be the starting point of the writing of your "project charter", complete documentation containing all the important data regarding your project.


In order to support you in your decision, Meninx proposes to make a prototype (PoC: Proof of Concept). This PoC eliminates uncertainties about performance and the coverage rate of your functional and non-functional requirements.


Meninx has two development centers; in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Our development team´s mission is to develop the heart of the Semeion solution, but also to bring you the customization you need to set up YOUR perfect solution.


Our integration services correspond, on the one hand, to the installation of the solution on the servers of the different environments (e.g., DEV@Meninx, INT@Client, VAL@Client, PROD@Client) and, on the other hand, to personalize the solution (flows, definitions, documents, reports, KPIs, etc.). If a VPN is available, our teams can work with remote access. Otherwise, we deliver our services on site to your premises.

Tests and validations

The purpose of the tests and validations is to qualify the project according to your expectations, and to verify that the solution is functional, without error. Following the installation of the solution and the test results (following the test book established with your teams), the recipe for the solution can be made.


The project´s acceptance is the ultimate phase of its deployment. During the acceptance, you validate, point by point, that each of your requirements has been fulfilled successfully. If this is not the case, a new cycle of tests and validation is started. If a function of your solution proved, after a while, not to be in total adequacy with your expectations, of course the Meninx warranty applies. "We are only satisfied when you are totally satisfied."


A project is only sustainable if its documentation is complete. For this reason, throughout the project, Meninx documents technical, operational, IT, and budgetary items. This documentation (the "project charter") also contains the diaries, the lists of personnel involved in the project, and the test books.


Meninx offers several levels of training: administrator, manager, operator, user. Each person, according to his responsibilities and technical level, receives the information that is vital to understanding the solution and to comfortable use. Our goal is for people in contact with Semeion to be happy with our solutions.

Project management

Good project management is the guarantee that everything will go according to the plan. For this reason, Meninx pays particular attention to the quality of its project management. This management also means listening carefully to your remarks.

Monitoring services

Software and application maintenance, lifetime warranty of the software, updates, and upgrades.

Correction of errors

Errors are corrected during software maintenance (without charge) if the problem comes from a bug or as part of the application maintenance contract if the solution requires an improvement of a specific flow.

Software maintenance

Software maintenance is a lifetime guarantee of software quality. Meninx undertakes to correct software errors throughout the duration of our partnership and to provide you, with minor and major updates, at no extra cost.

Application maintenance

Application maintenance is the management of fixes, changes, or enhancements to your specific applications. The services are billed according to service reports or following an offer.

Periodic meetings

We must listen to you constantly to provide you with all the answers and support you are entitled to expect when we work together. For this reason, we remain in constant contact with you to capture both your new requests and your new expectations, but also to let you know what´s new that could interest you, and allow you to go even further in your Business Transformation.

Customer satisfaction monitoring

We are only satisfied when YOU are satisfied. For this reason, your opinion, your recommendations, your advice, your corporate culture fascinates us. It is thanks to our customers—and soon thanks to you—that Semeion has become the essential software platform for process management, correspondence, and customer relations.

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Optimization services

Business process improvement based on your customer experience (CX).
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Audits and advice

Based on our 20 years of experience with our clients in the domain of document management, their production, and their life cycle, our consultants and specialists can offer you professional value-added advice.

Process design

A clearly specified process is an easy process to implement. With this service, the Meninx teams allow a process clarification, considering the different cases, anticipating—as far as possible—the unpredictable. Our teams´ ability to consider many possible scenarios makes this service an essential tool for the success of your projects.

Process optimization

Everything is perfectible. Processes must be continually improved to remain efficient and productive. This, however, requires great flexibility of the software platform that supports this process. This is one of Semeion´s greatest strengths. Semeion has been designed to provide all the flexibility and scalability required for sustained process operation.

Erosion of costs

Semeion´s primary goal is to streamline your processes based on your customer experience. To do so, Meninx provides not only its expertise, but also its technology. The benefit that each company is entitled to expect is, of course, a reduction in operating costs and an improvement in the productivity of its teams and processes. Lower prices and improved quality and operational safety are the driving force behind our commitment.

Process improvement and enrichment

The improvement of a process can come about due to the implementation of Semeion or following its use over a certain period. The decision to improve a process may follow a Meninx proposal or a business imperative imposed by your customers.

Innovation services

Definition of your growth strategy and vision in relation to your company´s different stakeholders.

Customer-specific consulting

Our network allows us to bring you all types of support, including on Meninx´s core business areas. In fact, Meninx remains a privileged partner. Our advice is, above all, pragmatic and commonsensical. This is one of our strengths.

Customer eXperience (CX)

Any process that would be carried out by an IT, operational, or marketing manager is doomed to fail if it does not consider what your customers think of you and your business. A satisfied, loyal customer who recommends your services is the only way to grow and sustain your business. One´s expectations must be understood in an objective way and without a priori. The new Meninx eye, combined with its past experience and expertise, allows you to adapt your processes to your customers and no longer to internal operational or technical requirements.

New services definition

This service corresponds to the repositioning of the core business, which is eroding due to increasing competition and technological changes. It is necessary for each organization to find new markets in order to sustain its growth.

Go-to-market strategy

With this service, The Meninx teams will develop, with you, your new market coverage approach of the market. The "Go-To-Market" strategy is a coherent set of choices that align your people, processes, products, (physical and virtual) channels, and partners to deliver your brand promise, the desired customer experience, and tangible value

Business development

All of Meninx´s work is carried out with your support, and your competition consists of allowing you to reposition your core business and increase your market share, your income, and your margins. There is no miracle solution, just large-scale analysis and reflection in order to understand and guide your market. That´s what we do best together.

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Pricing of the services

Please contact us for more details on prices.

Price models

Meninx proposes three flexible price models to be in line with your budgets and investments policies. The figure below shows these three models. You are free to select the model that suits you best.  Sorry, the image was not found