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Semeion Modules

On this page, you will find all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion eDocuments

This module is the Semeion module for monitoring and controlling the production of electronic documents. It mainly allows the verification that each document has been successfully delivered. It proposes a powerful monitoring dashboard, document search engine, and quality insurance processes.

Main functions

  •  Connection to external electronic-document processing modules or platforms such as Six or PostFinance service providers for the eBills, SMTP servers for emails, SMS servers, etc. Please note that Semeion eDocuments is certified by Six and PostFinance.
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  •  Individual and secure processing of each electronic document, log of all actions, status management
  •  Online monitoring of the progress of the publication of the document
  •  Document search according to their attributes
  •  Advanced process recovery functions in case of connection loss or remote system failure
  •  Accounting, operational reports, production statistics

Advantages and benefits

  •  Total security of electronic document distribution processes regardless of the output channel
  •  Centralized management of all output channels, e.g., eBills, emails, SMS, social networks, etc. for better production cost control and simplified maintenance
  •  Quality assurance ensured by a complete trace of each event in the document´s lifecycle, enabling current customers to be retained and new customers to be acquired
  •  Simplifies the process of migrating paper documents to electronic channels to reduce document production costs

Why choose this module?

Whether the application issuing electronic documents is Semeion or your ERP, CRM, or ECM, managing the electronic output channels of your documents can become a challenge. How can you ensure that your eBills are published and paid on time? How to ensure that emails are not identified as Spam?
Semeion eDocuments is the answer to these questions.

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