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Semeion Modules

On this page, you will find all the required information about the Meninx Semeion modules.

Description of the module | Semeion digitalOffice

This product is a thick client to install on each workstation. It allows you to connect your back-office applications, e.g., MS-Office to Semeion to submit your documents in a secure, easy, and above all, very efficient way. You can also print your documents using the digitalOffice printer. Your documents will be rerouted to your production center. The associated job ticket will allow the centralized production center to produce your documents exactly as you wish.

Main functions

  •  Supports http and https protocol for the transfer of data and documents between digitalOffice and Semeion
  •  Intelligent submission of documents, in their original formats, to the Semeion process flows:
  •  Through the Semeion digitalOffice center
  •  Thanks to the Windows "send to" function
  •  Thanks to a universal print driver, independent from your printers
  •  Through the MS-Office ribbon (MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint)
  •  Thanks to a drop zone on your desktop
  •  Dynamic and intelligent management of job parameters
  •  Collection of single-piece mail
  •  Integrated final corrected proofs with visualization of the document to be printed, final proof acceptance or refusal function
  •  Management of user profiles and profile options (in particular, the management of notifications in the event of submission of a print job pending actions)
  •  Monitoring of print job progress via a pop-up information window

Advantages and benefits

  •  Simplification of the Web2Print process via a direct connection to document creation applications, time-saving for users, and safeguarding of the job submission process to the print center
  •  Simplified deployment to desktops thanks to a comprehensive configuration installer (Microsoft System Installer)
  •  Reduction of mailing costs thanks to Semeion´s "single-piece mail" functions
  •  Mobilization of users around the print center with a view to controlling document printing costs on multiprocessing staging systems.

Why choose this module?

Semeion digitalOffice is a modern and efficient answer to demands for cost reduction in document printing. Its simplicity enables collaborators to rapidly transfer document printing and finishing jobs to the appropriate center, thus allowing for greater quality whilst reducing costs and time spent. Semeion digitalOffice is an essential tool in the democratization of Web2Print processes.

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