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About the Meninx Group

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Ideally located in the canton of Aargau, in the Limmattal, we have meeting rooms close to freeway exits and railway stations.

The core business of Meninx is the development of software solutions related to document creation, management, and production processes, as well as the enhanced cooperation and communication with internal and external clients / partners.

Since its creation in 2005, Meninx is proud to have completed all of its projects. Our references will no doubt convince you of our clients´ satisfaction and of our capabilities, and encourage you to conduct your project with us. It is our customers who are best equipped to provide information about Meninx and Semeion. Allow us to convince you during a joint visit.

At Meninx, each project is systematically under the supervision of the General Manager. Thereby, Meninx ensures that each new request or question is immediately recorded and treated with special care and attention. All the necessary resources are activated in order to quickly and efficiently achieve the best solution for you. With this commitment, Meninx has been guaranteeing the satisfaction of even its most demanding customers for the last 13 years (for example, Canton 1 for more than 9 years and Canton 2 for more than 6 years).

Permanently connected to its clients, Meninx and its teams are committed to making your projects a total success.

Jean-Christophe Godinaud CEO and Chairman Meninx Group

Technical Information

Founded in March 2005

Headquarters: Meninx AG, privately owned Swiss (Ltd.) company

Chamber of Commerce ID: CH-400.4.026.395-9

UID/VAT number: CHE-112.289.747


General information

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Meninx enables its customers to achieve their Business Transformation faster, cheaper and more efficiently; we understand that traditional software only addresses functional issues, while Semeion, through its technology, offers the innovative tools to solve all kinds of present or future challenges. Traditional software does what the developers programmed it to do, while Semeion does what YOU really expect it to do.

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Our main asset is our employees, their knowledge, expertise, and experience. Meninx constantly invests in their training and certification in order to continually promote the excellence and quality of the services we provide our clients.

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Our values are our commitment to our customers, our company ethics, and our respect for people. Specific procedures, guidelines, and coaching by the management are part of Meninx´s strategy to help its employees adopt the best practices with regards to client relations.

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Our business model is based on three price models: buying and maintenance, subscription (rental) or BPaaS (number of transactions) to offer to our clients the perfect balance between investments (CAPEX), and recurring expenses (OPEX).

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Inspired and motivated companies that are concerned with the services they provide to their end-clients, are potential customers for Meninx.

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Meninx is being certified ISO-9001 (2015). In 2022, Meninx plans to get ISO-14001 and ISO-27001 certified.

Click here to access the Meninx Quality Policy.

Our QMS is based on Meninx products. Please contact Meninx if you would like to know how Meninx can also support you improving and better managing your quality (Quality Management System).

Company organization

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Company history

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Meninx founding

Foundation of Meninx LLC. Resale of Output Management software products such as Macro4 or HP Exstream. Delivery of consulting services in the same field to help customers reduce their document management and production costs.


Semeion development start

Following the acquisition of a large project came the early development of the Semeion platform. Creation of the development team in Switzerland.

2005 2009

Acquisition first Semeion client

Acquisition of the first Semeion client, Creation of development teams in Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Capital increase to secure the company.

2007 Today

Development of our activities

We continue to develop the Semeion platform; we create new modules and solutions to help our customers. We continue to develop our activities and provide increasingly efficient services to our customers.


Welcome to the Meninx office …

Meninx management team

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Jean-Christophe Godinaud

CEO and Chairman Meninx Group

Engineer in Physics, Electronics and Signal Processing
Master Images Processing
Phone: +41 44 577 57 48

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Vitaliy Zaverchuk

Chief Development Officer Ukraine

Master´s degree, Computer Engineering (Computer systems and networks)

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Ladislav Valik

Country Manager Czech Republic

Bachelor´s degree in Business Management and Finance from Nottingham Trent University

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Tetiana Yednak

Delivery and Integration Manager

Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering